Lebanon reports IAF warplanes buzz Beirut

Lebanese news site reports

Israeli reconnaissance jets in violation of airspace & that

the warplanes have become regular, but the last 2 days’ air traffic ‘unusually high’

By Roi Kais

Two Israeli warplanes penetrated Friday morning into Lebanese airspace and soared for about three hours above the capital Beirut, according to a report by the Lebanese military.

File photo of IAF planes - Photo EPA

File photo of IAF planes – Photo EPA

Earlier in the day Lebanese news site El-Nashra reported IAF aircraft were hovering in the country’s aerial space near the southern towns of Bint Jbeil and Marjayoun and were apparently carrying out simulated attacks. A military source quoted by the site said, “These are simulated attacks the likes of which we have not seen.” No Israeli officials confirmed the reports.

Citing military officials, Lebanese news site the Daily Star reported that “eight Israeli warplanes violated Lebanon’s airspace in a span of 14 hours.” According to the site, “although Israel sends reconnaissance jets and warplanes over Lebanon on almost a regular basis, the air traffic in the last 24 hours has been unusually high.”

Earlier in the week Hezbollah ‘s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah delivered a warning to Israel, saying “If somebody in the region or in Lebanon is mistakenly disillusioned that the Lebanese resistance is somehow in a state of weakness or embarrassment because of what is happening in Syria, Iraq or anywhere in the region – then they are very much mistaken.

“I warn the Israeli enemy and those standing behind it not to make a foolish mistake in Lebanon, because despite all that has been said, the resistance is alert and is willing and able to protect Lebanon,” he said.


Nasrallah also commented on the military drill conducted by Israel in the north last week, calling it a “concerning indication.”


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