Lebanon’s judo squad refuses to train next to the Israelis

Lebanon’s Olympic judo team has refused to train next to the Israeli competitors at sessions ahead of London 2012.

By Danny Caro and Marcus Dysch


Olympic officials were forced to erect a special screen at the Excel venue following a complaint from a member of the Lebanese delegation.

Alice Schlesinger, who is on the Israeli judo team

Alice Schlesinger, who is on the Israeli judo team

It is understood the two squads had been warming up next to each other when the complaint was made on Friday afternoon.

An Israeli official at the venue confirmed a partition had been used to block the view and said the session had then continued with minimum disruption.

He said the Israeli squad had been happy with the original training arrangements but had not objected to the screen being used.

It is not known whether members of the Lebanon team will refuse to compete against Israel’s judo players if they are drawn together during the Olympics.


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  1. Ruth says:

    Olympics officials were not “forced” to erect a screen. They made the cowardly choice to accommodate the bigotry and hate of the Lebanese team, showing once again their true, ugly colors.

  2. Ricardo says:

    Lebanon is’t even a real state.Just a collected bunch of
    thiefdoms. Completely split the supporters of the butcher of Damascus
    and the others. Once assad has fallen it’s time for Israel to bomb the hell out of them. And take all the land south of the Awali river.
    The population wil have fled anyway. Kick the few remainders out.
    That will get the whole north of israel out of rocket range.and give Israel some much needed fertile lands.

  3. Djandel says:

    Unbelievable..! That is a reality and we must go on living.

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