Local elections completed with 3rd female mayor elected


2nd round of municipal elections completed in 38 communities.

3rd female mayor is elected: Yaela Maklis to replace Yosef Ben David in Yehud-Monosson

Braverman to take office in Petah Tikva, Fadalon in Herzliya & Meron in Afula.

By Itay Blumenthal

The Israeli municipal elections came to an end as 38 communities took part in a second round of elections on Tuesday. The voter stations opened at noon and closed at 10 pm. The Interior Ministry reported a 50.90% voter turnout. No unusual incidents were reported, apart for claims regarding particular counterfeited ballots in Petah Tikva.

Yehud-Monosson's new mayor: Yaela Maklis (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

Yehud-Monosson’s new mayor: Yaela Maklis – Photo: Motti Kimchi

The Interior Ministry released the final results early Wednesday morning, and announced a victory for Itzhak Braverman in Petah Tikva with 57.7% of the votes, Moshe Fadalon in Herzliya (61.3%) and Hai Adiv in Hod HaSharon (62.5%).

Police reported some 100 unusual events were documented throughout the day. Six people were arrested and 16 were detained for questioning. Allegations were heard in Petah Tikva regarding the counterfeiting of ballots of mayoral candidate Itzhak Braverman, as it was claimed his name was misspelled on the ballots.

Interior Minister Sa'ar at Ramat Gan elections center (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

Interior Minister Sa’ar at Ramat Gan elections center – Photo: Motti Kimchi

Additional results across the country: Incumbent Kiryat Tivon Mayor David Arieli was elected to stay in office with 63.9% of the votes. Mevaseret Zion elected Yoram Shimon (55%), Assaf Mintzer (57.7%) won in Elkana, Migdal chose Yisrael Amrusi (55.6%), Kiryat Shmona voted for Nissim Malka (52.3%), Shai Alon (61.4%) is the new mayor of Beit El and Hovav Zabari (51.3%) took the elections in Kiryat Ekron.

In the Bedouin city of Rahat, Talal al-Krinoui won town hall (59.6%) and in Kfar Kana, Mujahad Awuda did the same winning an impressive 97.5% of the vote.


Ahiya Raved, Omri Efraim, Hassan Shaalan, Maor Buchnik, Raanan Ben-Zur and Gilad Morag contributed to this report


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