Lod’s Arab residents protest against ‘Jewish settlements’

Arab protesters claim: ‘They want to expel Arabs from Lod,’

Hundreds protest against religious group’s efforts to strengthen local Jewish community.

By Hassan Shaalan


Hundreds of Arab residents of Lod participated in a demonstration against what they call “Jewish settlement in the city and attempts to expel Arabs from their lands and homes.”

Protest in Lod – Photo: Dan Lustman

The protest was organized the Islamic Movement and other political and social organizations. The residents are protesting against a group of religious Zionists in the city who are engaged in social outreach.

The protesters marched from Lod’s mosque to the city center where they blocked the main road and chanted “Allau Akbar.” They also waved Palestinian flags and posters reading “We’re not afraid” and “No to settlers.” Police forces maintained order.

One of the organizers of the protest was a security prisoner released as part of the Shalit deal. “We are here to fight against efforts to establish fascist settlement in our city,” he told Ynet. “They are doing everything to expel all Arabs from Lod. We will not be daunted by this policy. We shall continue to fight and protect our lands.”

One of the protesters said, “We will not allow the Israeli government or any other body to expel us from the city where we were born. Discrimination and racism must be stopped. ”

Activist Maha Alnakib who also participated in the rally said it was the first step of many. “Today we started a protest against settlers and I hope our demands will be met by the relevant parties. If not there might be grave consequences.”


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