Miraculous recovery: 15 yr-old Syrian girl amazes Israeli doctors


Israeli doctors, after having treated dozens of wounded Syrian civilians in northern Israeli hospital, were shocked when a 15-year-old female shrapnel victim, gets up and walks about her room day after surgery.

By Tommy Mueller


A 15-year-old Syrian girl critically wounded in her nation’s ongoing civil war has made a miraculous recovery at a hospital in northern Israel.

Doctors at Ziv Hospital in the Galilee town of Safed (Tsfat) were shocked when the girl got up and walked around just one day after having her leg amputated as a result of massive shrapnel injuries.

The young girl had been hit by shrapnel all over her body. The Israelis worked hard to save her left leg, but were certain she would not be mobile for some time.

The doctors were taken aback when just 24 hours later, the girl stood up, and with the help of crutches began to move around the hospital with little trouble. Dr. Alexander Lerner, head of orthopedic department at Ziv Hospital, told Israeli media that his entire staff was filled with an amazing joy to see this girl smiling and walking around.

The hospital has treated dozens of Syrians hurt in indiscriminate attacks by both government and rebel forces.


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