Mount Hermon Covered with First Snow


About 10 centimeters of snow accumulates along the Mount Hermon ski site upper station

Visitors arrive to enjoy the early snowfall during the Hanukkah holiday

Danny Brenner, Dan Lavie and Nitzhiya Yaacov


As Israel celebrated Hanukkah this week, the first snowfall of the year fell on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights on Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Kids and their parents flocked to the Mt. Hermon resort to have some fun, although for now there is not enough snow for skiing. – Photo: JINI

The Mount Hermon ski site was open to visitors on Tuesday, free of charge, but not enough snow had fallen for the ski slopes themselves to be made operational.

Dozens of people, nevertheless, took advantage of the Hanukkah holiday to come play in the snow. At the site’s upper chairlift station, around 10 centimeters (four inches) of snow had fallen while there were around three centimeters (1 inch) of snow at the lower chairlift station.

Ski site personnel said that the first snow had arrived earlier in the season than expected and that it would likely melt quickly because the weather was not cold enough.

“We hope that during this month the temperatures will drop, snow will fall again and it will stay on the ground longer,” ski site personnel said.

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