Nasrallah: Corruption in Lebanon more dangerous than Israel

Terror chief tells students Hezbollah will save Lebanon from slipping further into political turmoil and says his Shiite group has created ‘true balance of terror’ vis-à-vis the IDF

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said Saturday that the political corruption plaguing Lebanon was “More dangerous than Israel.”

Hassan Nasrallah Photo: AFP

Hassan Nasrallah – Photo: AFP

The Lebanese news website al-Nashra reported that Nasrallah, speaking to a student gathering, said that “Any solution in Lebanon has to begin with solving the chronic economical issues and the problem of the public debt.”

Hezbollah, he said, cannot offer any “clear solution” to the economic crisis, which he said “Stems from the disintegration of the government and the growing corruption within it.

“Hezbollah cannot deal with this kind of corruption because the problem is bigger than us and it is more dangerous than Israel,” he said.

The Shiite movement will not allow Lebanon to come to the brink of civil war, he vowed.

Nasrallah further said that in the past 30 years, “Hezbollah has used a substantial part of its defense and military infrastructure, which enabled it to become the kind of resistance that can thwart the Israeli aggression and create a true balance of terror that makes Israel think 1,000 times before it launches any foolish act against Lebanon.”

Many Hezbollah-affiliated media outlets omitted Nasrallah’s statements about the political corruption in Beirut, focusing instead on his commitment to save the nation from internal military conflict.


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