Netanyahu tells cabinet that any peace-accord with Arabs will go to referendum

As Kerry pushes to rejuvenate negotiations, the PM looks to neutralize future political crisis by assuring ministers opposed, that they need not resign from the gov’t over the peace issue because ultimately, it’s the public who will decide.



Any future agreement with the Palestinians will be brought to the country in the form of a referendum, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the outset of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, just hours after finishing a six-hour late-night meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

This was Netanyahu’s third meeting with Kerry since he arrived Thursday afternoon. Generally promises of a referendum are made to neutralize a political crisis by assuring ministers opposed that they need not bolt the government over the issue because the public will ultimately decide.

Kerry, who went Sunday morning to Ramallah for a third meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas within 72 hours, is slated to leave Israel for Brunei in the afternoon. He is expected to deliver a statement before boarding the plane.

“Israel is willing to enter negotiations without delay, and without preconditions,” Netanyahu said, revealing little about the substance of the Kerry talks.

“We are not piling up any obstacle to the renewal of permanent talks and a peace agreement between us and the Palestinians,” he said.  Netanyahu said that there are elements that Israel will demand during the negotiations, first and foremost when it comes to security issues.

“We will not compromise on security and there will be no agreement that will endanger the security of Israeli citizens,” he said.


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  1. The Israeli gov’t has nothing to fear. There will never be an agreement. Obama has not learned anything from the past democratic administration. Clinton once said that Arafat did not make good on even the simplest of promises. And so we have seen with Abbas, i.e. the Oslo Accords, and unilateral appeals to the UN.

    The Arab leadership will say anything to maintain the status quo of confrontation. It’s the only way they can continue skimming millions to maintain their lifestyle and take care of family & friends for future generations.

    At the expense of those they’ve sworn an oath to represent, the current leadership learned the ways of Arafat. Billions can be stolen for personal use, as long as the people feel they’re being abused by the Jews with the support of the Crusaders.
    They will continue to live in squalor as long as they’re inspired to fulfill the Qur’an’s teaching of battle. They will always war….even among themselves, if Jews are not available.

    The status quo of confrontation, because of ‘education’ in school, home & mosque along with governmental incitement has guaranteed another generation of supporters for the morally bankrupt and unbelievably corrupt leadership.

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