New bill: Judges given discretion to deny terrorists’ pardons


In light of 3rd round of Palestinian terrorists release from incarceration, MKs Shaked & Tzur present bill to give courts option of denying clemency to murderers at sentencing.

Bill aimed to ‘fix injustice’, address criminal charges as well.

By Moran Azulay



At the conclusion of the third prisoner release Tuesday morning, members of Knesset were already trying to form legislation to thwart any further releases.

A bill proposal, formed by Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked of Habayit Hayehudi and MK David Tzur of Hatnua, will give judges the option of removing the possibility of any future pardon of the culprit, already at the time of the sentencing.

Coalition head MK Yariv Levin (Likud) and Yisrael Beiteinu faction leader Robert Ilatov also signed on the proposal.

“Judges can decide that whoever has been proven guilty of murder on a nationalistic background can be sentenced to life without parole or pardoning from the president of the State.” It also said the proposal will allow for very severe cases, such as murder of children, to not have their sentences commuted at all.


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