NGO Monitor: Time the UN Should Investigate its Own Incompetence and Bias

With United Nation’s constant revelations of ‘incompetence & bias’ on display in the world’s media, Israelis demand the world body take a good look in the mirror.

By Israel Today Staff


Following the revelation that the appointed head of the UN commission of inquiring into last summer’s Gaza war had previous associations with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor suggested that the world body investigate its own ineptitude and overriding prejudice against the Jewish state.

“The United Nations should suspend its investigation into Israel and immediately investigate the disturbing revelations of its own incompetence and bias,” read a press release by NGO Monitor.

The group had long been at the forefront of publicly opposing the appointment of Prof. William Schabas to head the commission of inquiry following the most recent conflagration in and around Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Schabas, as NGO Monitor and many others pointed out, had a history of making outlandish assertions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and of calling for the prosecution of Israeli leaders.


After Schabas’ resignation from the commission on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that all the work he oversaw in “investigating” Israel be dismissed.

“After the resignation of the committee chairman who was biased against Israel, the report that was written at the behest of the UN Human Rights Council – an anti-Israel body, the decisions of which prove it has nothing to do with human rights – needs to be shelved,” Netanyahu wrote in an official statement.

The prime minister further noted that the same Human Rights Council that saw fit to appoint Schabas to investigate the Gaza war over the past year “made more decisions against Israel than against Iran, Syria and North Korea combined.”

But NGO Monitor President Prof. Gerald Steinberg warned that the UN was unlikely to take the advise of either himself or the Israeli leader, and would undoubtedly press ahead with the work began by Schabas.

“Since the Commission has completed its fact-finding stage, the final report will be tainted by Schabas’ leadership until this point,” wrote Steinberg.


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