No Peace as long Arab children are taught to hate

Nonie Darwish is a strong supporter of Israel, & has founded the group “Arabs for Israel,” composed of ethnic Arabs & Muslims who respect & support the State of Israel, welcome a peaceful & diverse Middle East, reject suicide terrorism as a form of Jihad, & promote constructive self-criticism & reform in the Arab/Muslim world.

By  Israel Today Staff



If any Arab has a reason to hate Israel and speak out regarding the Jewish state, it is Nonie Darwish, who grew up in Gaza and saw her father eliminated by Israeli forces for his role in terrorist activities.

Nonie Darwish -screenshot

But Darwish’s conversion to Christianity later in her life has resulted in nothing but love for the Jewish state, and a firm understanding that God has a plan for and is working through Israel.

Today, Darwish heads two important groups, Former Muslims United and Arabs for Israel, and has authored several books about her experiences.

The below speech given by Darwish at a synagogue in December 2010 provides a telling example of why a man-made peace between Israel and its Arab antagonists is simply not possible.

Listen as she describes how she, and all generations of local Arab children, are bred and raised to carry a seething hatred of the Jews.


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