Not to be out played by Hamas, Fatah claims to have killed more Jews.

Fearful of diminishing popularity in aftermath of Gaza war, Israel’s ‘Peace Partner’ Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah proudly reminds everyone that it has killed more Jews than Hamas!

By Israel Today Staff


Among some Palestinians, Hamas’ stock is soaring after it dragged Israel into a month-long war that saw 3,500 missiles rain down on the Jewish state’s most populated civilian areas.

It was after years of successful, gory suicide bomb attacks that Hamas garnered enough popularity to win a parliamentary majority in the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’ ruling Fatah faction isn’t about to let that happen again, and is trying to remind everyone that it has killed far more Israeli Jews than Hamas.

In a post to its official Facebook page, Fatah boasted (fictitiously) that it “has killed 11,000 Israelis,” while “sacrificing 170,000 shahids (martyrs)” to do so.

Fatah also noted that it was the first to launch an intifada (terrorist uprising) against Israel all the way back in 1988, and that it was the first to fire a shot in the Second Intifada that began in 2000.

These are the people whom the Western world (and some Israeli politicians) call “moderates” and genuine peace partners. These are the people with whom Israel is told to negotiate its future.

[Translation of the Fatah Facebook page by Palestinian Media Watch]


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