NY court awarded $900k to delivery man for supervisors’ gas chamber gags

Adam Wiercinski’s managers were heard to say ‘you smell like Jew’.

The New York Post reported Monday that the jurors decided it was time for payback.



A New York jury has awarded a Jewish deliveryman $900,000 in damages for the anti-Semitic harassment he endured at the restaurant where he worked, The New York Post reported Monday.

Mangia, the Manhattan restaurant where Adam Wiercinski worked.

Mangia, the Manhattan restaurant where Adam Wiercinski worked. – HAARETZ

According to the report, Adam Wiercinski was subjected to highly offensive gestures and remarks made by the supervisors at the Manhattan eatery, Mangia.

One night shift manager, Artur Zbozien, would often pass gas and then joke about Zyklon B, the cyanide-based pesticide used in Nazi gas chambers during the Holocaust.

“How can I explain to you – he passed wind, loudly,” Wiercinski told The Post. “Everybody laughed, and then he said, ‘See, this is your Zyklon B, you stupid Jew.’”

Other supervisors would withhold Wiercinski’s tips, call him a “Jewish pederast,” and throw pennies at him.

“They would call him a ‘dirty Jew,’ and when he would say, ‘But I took a bath,’ they would laugh and say, ‘No, you still smell like Jew,’” Wiercinski’s lawyer, Matthew Blit, told The Post.

Blit told the paper that Wiercinski worked at the West 57th Street restaurant from 1992 to 2008. He stayed despite the abuse because he was worried he would not be able to find another job.

“He said, ‘Who else is going to hire a 50-year-old deliveryman,’” Blit said. “He was afraid.”

Three of the deliveryman’s co-workers upheld his allegations in court. The jurors ruled in Wiercinski’s favor on Thursday after three days of testimony.

The owners denied the harassment and were expected to fight the verdict.


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