Obsessed UN angered over deer photo included in Israeli Nature Exhibition


UN officials ask Israel’s delegation to remove the picture of two deers from THE NATURAL SIDE OF ISRAEL photo exhibition, because they claim it was taken in the Jordan Valley, which is outside the 1949 cease-fire line, not really ‘in Israel’.

By Gary Willig


UN officials contacted Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, to ask him to remove a picture of two deer from an Israeli exhibition at the General Assembly headquarters in New York.

The exhibition, scheduled to be shown in two weeks, was set up by the Israeli delegation to the UN and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, and is meant to show the beauty of Israel’s environment.

Danny Danon, the UN ambassador of Israel, speaks to United Nations Security Council

The UN officials objected to the picture of the deer because they stated that it was taken in the Jordan Valley and not within the 1949 armistice lines. They called the picture “controversial,” and a sign was placed near the exhibition stating: “The content of this exhibition is solely the responsibility of the sponsoring and supporting member states, any queries should be directed to them.”

“There’s no limit to the United Nations’ obsession with Israel,” Danon said in response to the request to remove the picture of the deer. “The decision to try and censor a picture of animals in nature just because it was taken in the Jordan Rift Valley is a new record of absurdity. We will not let them censor us and we will continue to display with pride the beautiful country of Israel.”

The head of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority accused the officials of politicizing animals. “Animals and nature need to be placed above politics as a part of the common denominator of all nations and all countries everywhere.”


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Interested in more about the Israel Nature and Parks AuthorityPlease visit their website here: http://www.parks.org.il/sites/english/Pages/default.aspx


If your curious to see the amazing stills of Israeli nature from this incredible collection, but are unable to attend the UN Exhibition, THE NATURAL SIDE OF ISRAEL, you can download (safely) a PDF of the breathtaking photographs here:




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