Out of the Murder of a Jewish Settler Rises a New Settlement – Eviatar

A New outpost is being established in memory of slain settler & father of five, Eviatar Borovsky.



JERUSALEM– A West Bank outpost has been established in memory of a Jewish father of five killed by a Palestinian assailant.

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Son of Israeli terror victim can’t leave his dead father’s body. Evyatar Borovsky, a father of five from Yitzhar, stabbed to death at Tapauch Junction by Palestinian terrorist.

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, on Thursday moved his office to a tent on a hill overlooking the Tapuach Junction, where Eviatar Borovsky, 31, of Yitzhar, was killed Tuesday morning as he waited for a bus. The Palestinian stabber, who is now in Israeli custody, also took Borovsky’s gun and began shooting at Border Guard officers.

An army base previously was located at the site, according to the Jerusalem Post.

A wooden structure has been constructed at the site and porta-potties have been moved up to the top of the hill as well. A large sign in Hebrew at the site reads Eviatar.

Mesika told Israeli media he will work daily at the new outpost. He told the Jerusalem Post he would make sure there is a constant presence at the site until families can be moved in.

“The Zionist response is to deepen Jewish roots in the land,” Mesika told the Jerusalem Post.

Following the attack, a group of Yitzhar residents set fields afire and threw stones at a Palestinian school bus. At least 15 Jewish settlers were arrested for violence against Palestinians.

Several hundred people attended Borovsky’s funeral. Later, a photo of one of his young sons hugging his lifeless body draped in a prayer shawl went viral on Facebook.
In January, a 17-year-old Israeli was stabbed at the same junction.


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