Palestinian Arab Throws Firebombs at Jerusalem Night Club


Terror attack thwarted near Maaleh Adumim, when thrown molotov cocktail fails to cause serious damage.

By Israel Today Staff


Palestinian Arab youth hurled several firebombs at a night club in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood on Saturday night. One of the flaming projectiles hit just outside the door of the establishment, but failed to cause any injuries.

Jerusalem Night Club Firebombed

Palestinian throws firebomb at Jews – illustration

Late last week, a Jewish motorist was attacked with stones and bricks in the same neighborhood. Police and local residents have noted an increase in Arab attacks of late.

In other violence, a Palestinian Arab man was arrested at the entrance of the Jerusalem-area suburb of Ma’aleh Adumim on Friday afternoon after police found him to be in possession of a large knife.

Arab laborers often congregate at the entrance to Ma’aleh Adumim hoping for temporary jobs or a ride into town. But police noticed that the suspect was behaving oddly and began to question him, which lead to the discovery of his weapon.

The man later confessed that he planned to carry out a stabbing attack against local Jewish residents.

On Saturday night, terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired another missile at the southern Israel coastal city of Ashkelon. Israeli warplanes responded on Sunday morning by targeting four Hamas positions in northern Gaza.


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