Palestinian Official: Jews Are Desecrating Jerusalem With Wine


view videoPalestinian official effectively accuses Jews of dancing on the graves of buried Muslims.

By Israel Today Staff


The Muslim world refuses to acknowledge the religious and historical connection Jews have to Jerusalem, and so are quick to condemn Israel for “desecrating” the holy city at every opportunity.

For example, the head of the Palestinian Authority’s Committee for Education, Culture and Science has publicly decried the annual Jerusalem Wine Festival being held this week at the Art Garden of the Israel Museum and at the open-air Mamilla Mall adjacent to the Old City.

The Palestinian official, Murad Al-Sudani, said the wine-drinking Jews represented a “dangerous provocation,” especially those at the Mamilla venue, which is partially situated over an ancient Muslim cemetery.

Al-Sudani asserted that according to Muslim tradition, several of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions are buried in that cemetery. As such, in the eyes of many in the Islamic world, the Jews are literally dancing on the graves of prominent Muslims.


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Let us note, according to Islamic Shari’a – Muslim Law – a cemetery is not considered a sacred place after 40 years. There has been a cemetery, indeed, in the Mamilah area of Jerusalem, but:

1. Nearly 70 years passed since the area has not been used as a cemetery.

2. All sites that are constructed in Israel are checked by archaeologists to verify that no burial has been in existence at the site, including the Mamilah neighborhood of course

3. Mamilah has been an urban area since the beginning of the 20th century and the new neighborhood is just a renewal of the old one

4. The Muslim Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj, Amin al-Husseini, constructed a hotel on the site. One would assume that if the Mufti did, the site is not sacred

But, the above is meaningless since the Muslim-Arabs do not operate based on factually based rational observation and analysis but rather based on “narratives”, i.e. fictional stories designed to demonize the State of Israel and the Jewish people; to de-legitimize both; and to seek the very demise of each.



Zion, also known as Jerusalem, has been the capital city of the People of Israel, i.e. the Jewish people since our king, King David, set it up as the administrative, cultural and spiritual center of the kingdom, more than 3,000 years ago. The Muslim-Arabs better get used to this reality.