Palestinian Saboteur Shot On Security Fence by IDF Dies of Wound

Refusing to heed IDF warnings to step away from border security fence, soldiers opened fire, hitting leg of 18 yr-old Palestinian, who reportedly died after IDF medics released him to the Red Crescent.



A Palestinian shot on Monday evening while sabotaging the West Bank security fence has died of his injuries, Palestinian medical sources said.

A protester places a Palestinian flag at the Israeli barrier fence in the West Bank village of Rafat near Ramallah – Photo: REUTERS

On Monday, according to an army spokeswoman, a group of Palestinians arrived at the security fence near the Palestinian village of Araka, west of Jenin, and began attacking the security barrier.

“An army force arrived and initiated a suspect arrest procedure,” the IDF said. After soldiers shouted out warnings, they opened fire at the legs of suspects, hitting one.

“An IDF paramedic provided medical treatment to the wounded Palestinian, before the Red Crescent evacuated him,” the army spokeswoman added.

Mohammad Saleh, 18, was hit in a main artery and doctors were unable to save him, said Tarif Ashour, a Palestinian Health Ministry official.

Reuters quoted one of Saleh’s relatives as saying the teenager was walking in fields near the barrier after a wedding celebration and had not attempted to cross it. “There was no provocation,” said the family member, Munib Hammad, who did not witness the incident but heard accounts from others who were with Saleh.


Reuters contributed to this report.
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