Palestinian terrorist kills 1, injures 6 in stabbing attack in German supermarket

In aftermath of latest German terror attack perpetrated by an “asylum seeker” on Friday, the authorities admit the apprehended terrorist was a known Palestinian Islamist, but didn’t think he was violent.

By Orly Harari


A Palestinian Arab “asylum seeker” on Friday stabbed to death a 50-year-old man and injured six others in a Hamburg, Germany supermarket.

Hamburg supermarket after Palestinian terrorist attack – Twitter

The 26-year-old terrorist grabbed a 20 centimeter (7.87 inches) knife off one of the supermarket’s shelves and stabbed three people in the building, then left and stabbed another four people in the street.

Passersby threw chairs and other objects at the terrorist until local police arrived and managed to control him.

The terrorist is known as to German authorities as an Islamist, but was not thought to be a jihadist who would carry out a terror attack.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised the residents for throwing objects at the terrorist and helping policemen stop him.

“This violent crime must and will be investigated,” Merkel said in a statement. “I thank the police for their effort and all those who stood up against the attacker with civil courage and bravery.”

Last December, a Tunisian asylum seeker rammed his truck into a crowd of people doing Christmas shopping in a Berlin market, killing twelve.


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  1. Tony Gathecha says:

    All Islam are terrorists.

    • israelandstuffcom says:

      Not all.

    • Daniel says:

      The vcitims’families should sue Angela Merkel, because, she is the reason for this mayhem gpin on in Germany. She was the one that opened the borders to these terrorists who deceive people with assumed peace from their religion, but are actually violent warlords according to their religious beliefs. You can’t stop a man who does not mind dying for what he believes. You will lose if you get carried away by these Islamists’ antics.

  2. Daniel says:

    Israelandstuffcom, all muslims are terrorists. What you have is a religion with two kinds of terrorists:
    1. The open violent group less in number, who don’t care about their own lives, and are thus ready to kill innocent people without any thought for life
    2. The non-violent group more in number, who however support the first group in their violent quest to kill and destroy other people that they feel must be killed or destroyed for refusing to bow or submit to their devilish religious belief, Islam.
    If push comes to shove, these larger group will join the lesser group to carry out Jihad, because they know that their religion expects them to carry out the violent acts just like the first group if they must enjoy paradise with over 70 virgins.
    This is the truth. If you dont believe this, then I feel sorry for you.

    • israelandstuffcom says:

      Daniel. You are consumed with hate. Otherwise, how could you be so blind?

      I will not start listing those who have become well known, defending Israel, nor can I list the multitude of those who served with me for 30 years fighting and defending Israel by my side….and those on Israel’s borders right now.

      Many have died, defending Israel’s borders, and protecting Jewish lives. You belittle their deeds and memory. Shame on you.

      and BTW, feeling sorry for me, means nothing.

      As I said… “Not All.”

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