Palestinian terrorist of Tel Aviv attack found hiding, killed in shootout


With over 1,000 security personnel, Israel Policemen, Border Police Guard, IDF Special Units and others searched throughout the night for the gunman that opened fire into Tel Aviv nigh-spots, killing 3 and injuring at least 15 more.

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The gunman who opened fire at a bar in Israel’s central city Tel Aviv on Thursday night was shot and killed by Israeli security forces early Friday morning after a manhunt throughout the city.

Aftermath of Palestinian terror attack at Tel Aviv cafe. – Screenshot: Israel Police documentary film

Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet said officers found the man hiding near a mosque in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, and killed the man in an ensuing gunfight.

During the exchange of fire, the assailant was reportedly identified as Raed Hazem, a 28-year-old Palestinian from the Jenin region of the West Bank.

‘Before’ (Israel Police intel photo) and ‘After’ (Twitter, not credited) of Palestinian Terrorist

“After a difficult night, and after long hours of activity by the Israel Police, [Shin Bet], and the [Israeli army], we succeeded… in operational and intelligence cooperation, in closing a circle and eliminating the terrorist by exchange of fire,” said Israeli police commissioner Kobi Shabtai.

Israel’s law enforcement officers launched an hours-long manhunt for the assailant after the attack, with over 1,000 policemen and border guards searching for the suspect as law enforcement urged the public to remain at home until an arrest was made.

Israel Police divide units in search grids, checking every inch of search area until the gunman was arrested. – Screenshot: Israel Police documentary film

“We will respond with great force and intensity to any unusual event, as we responded immediately after the attack in Tel Aviv, and we will pursue anyone who harms or seeks to harm Israeli citizens,” Shabtai added.

“We continue the Israel Police’s peak preparation in all sectors and districts, including securing the first Friday prayers of Ramadan.”

Israeli police commissioner Kobi Shabtai (center) during search of the Palestinian terrorist. – Screenshot: Israel Police documentary film

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is set to hold an assessment of the situation with defense ministers and heads of Israeli defense agencies Friday morning.

This is the 4th major attack in Israeli cities in almost three weeks, claiming the lives of 13 people overall.


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Eytam Magini and Tomer Morad, both from Kfar Saba, were killed when a Palestinian terrorist snuck into Israel and opened fire at a bar on Dizengoff St. Tel Aviv. – Photo: Courtesy

Barak Lufan, 35, married to Dana and the father of three children, dies of his wounds on Friday.



The three Israelis killed during the Palestinian terrorist attack at a Tel Aviv bar on Thursday night have been identified has Eytam Magini and Tomer Morad, both 27, from Kfar Saba and Barak Lufan, 35, married to Dana, father of three, from Givat Shmuel.

May their memory be a Blessing.


The young savages that perpetrate these heinous attacks are just looking for praise from their families, so the cowards take pot-shots at unarmed civilians.

In a #CultureofHate & #CultureofDeath, bringing a life-long pension to their family by killing Jews is their way of getting it. – Having been brought up on hate & lies, their lives were meaningless and uneventful.

Sadly these indoctrinated, hate filled young men always succeed in attaining the ‘Freedom’ they so desperately seek via violence… the only thing they know. 

– But, in realistic terms, this is only maintaining the conflict, which only generates more money to Abbas & his fellow kleptocrats in Gaza.

World leaders need to see this practice being applied on a manipulated population by autocratic kleptocrats. All funding needs to end. Completely. Only when these dictators can’t pay as an incentive to kill Jews for huge life-time pensions for their families, future terrorists will think twice.










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