Palestinians attend Memorial, for political agenda, not support after attack


Three examples of the anti-Israel obsession captured at memorial for Brussels victims, including French TV’s live broadcast of woman wearing hijab seen tearing up Israeli flag placed there in solidarity, then hiding it.

By Itamar Eichner


A pro-Palestinian activist on Wednesday removed and tore up an Israeli flag placed at Place de la Bourse Square in Brussels in solidarity with the victims of the terror attack in the Belgian capital while French TV channel RTL was broadcasting live from the square. 

The French network was broadcasting one of the spontaneous memorial services at the scene of the attack when a woman wearing a hijab was seen on camera removing the flag from among the flags of other countries, crumpling it, and tearing it up. After that, she hid it under one of the solidarity signs left at the square.

“I got the video from a Jewish student in Brussels, who happened to be watching TV and saw it on the live broadcast from the scene of the attack,” said Ido Daniel, who heads the Israel Students Union’s program to combat anti-Semitism. 

“As soon as I got the video, I made sure to spread it across social media. This is the only way we can fight and reveal the true faces of these activists and what they’re focusing on at such a dire time.” 

Daniel went on to condemn the protester, who he said “didn’t really care about the terror victims or the catastrophe that occurred in her city only 24 hours before. What bothered her most in this terror attack was the fact the Israeli flag was there as part of a show of solidarity with the Belgian people. This is the essence of the anti-Israel obsession.”


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Israel and Stuff Postscript:


Below, another clip exposing ‘Palestinian activist’ proving again, that they didn’t come as an expression of support or solidarity in mourning with the families affected by the random carnage of Islamic terrorists, rather, to hid/erase any sign of Israel, and it’s sincere condolences:


Israel and Stuff offers its thanks and support to Ido Daniel and Wikisrael for their posts on Twitter.



Charming young people, having a tribute for #BrusselsAttacks victims. #puke

Charming young people, having a tribute for #BrusselsAttacks victims. #puke



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