Palestinians Harass American Muslim Fact-Finding Group Visiting Temple Mount


Muslim leadership group, including former mayor of Teaneck, New Jersey, was heckled & abused by Palestinians hooligans after arriving on Temple Mount.

By Israel Today Staff


It’s not only Jews who aren’t tolerated on the Temple Mount. It’s anyone, of any faith suspected of having any ties to the Jews, as devout Muslim Mohammed Hameeduddin, the popular former mayor of Teaneck, New Jersey, discovered while visiting Jerusalem over the weekend.

Mohammed Hameeduddin, former mayor of Teaneck, New Jersey

Hameeduddin was in the country as part of the Muslim Leadership Initiative, which in conjunction with the leftist Israeli think tank Shalom Hartman Institute invites leading American Muslim to the Holy Land to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict up close and in person.

The fact that Jews were somehow involved in the group’s visit meant that in the eyes of Palestinian Muslims, Hameeduddin and his colleagues had become “collaborators” with the hated Zionists.

As the group ascended the Temple Mount, it was set upon by at least one antagonist who repeatedly harassed a female member of the Muslim Leadership Initiative, telling them that they had come “against the will of the Palestinian people” and in concert with an “Islamaphobic organization.”

Hameeduddin intervened.

“The BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) activists were waiting to ambush me while I was going to prayers. I did not hit anyone; I was protecting the women in my group,” Hameeduddin wrote in an email to supporters, answering accusations that he had physically assaulted the man harassing the group.

The editor of a Jewish publication later wrote that Hameeduddin, whom she counts as a personal friend, “is now fearful because he crossed the ‘picket’ line by touring the area with a pro-Israel group.”

It wasn’t only in Israel that the group faced such opposition.

Back in America, some 43 Muslim organizations and 200 independent activists reportedly signed a letter condemning the Muslim Leadership Initiative’s cooperation with Jews, and vowing to never again invite the participants to speak at Muslim events in the United States.


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