Pamela Geller on CNN: Erin Burnett cuts segment at Hamas-CAIR description, AUDIO secretly taped



CNN continued to misquote, accuse thru innuendo, and besmirch Pamela Geller repeatedly. This interview clearly demonstrated how unprofessional and unethical CNN is…..without even mentioning it censoring Mrs Geller half way through the interview.

CNN needs to either raise their bar on professionalism, or Erin Burnett should interview guests with a comparable I.Q.

Having brilliant guests makes them look like clowns.

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  1. Wishing everyone ‘Chatima Tova’….that you all shall be written in the Book of Life.

    To those at CNN & others I may have offended, know that I sincerely apologize, and humbly pray forgiveness will be found.

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