Paranoid Palestinians Scramble to Arab League to Neutralize Warming Israel-Africa Ties


Israel’s reconnection to African countries, in counter-terrorism, clean-water technology, green-energy, internet-connections, medicine and agriculture has the Palestinians enlisting the Arab League to ‘warn them.’
• “Israel is trying to enlist African support for its policies at the Palestinians’ expense,” says representative.

By Daniel Siryoti


Concerned by the increasingly warm relations between Israel and African nations and Israel’s bid to rejoin the African Union as an observer state, the Palestinians have asked the Arab League to hold an emergency session.

The league is set to meet in Cairo next Monday to discuss the matter.

Former Foreign Ministry Chairman Dore Gold with President of the Republic of Guinea, Prof. Alpha Conde, opening diplomatic relations with the African Muslim nation. – Photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Palestinian representative Jamal Shobaki explained Thursday why he urged the Arab League to convene the emergency meeting. “Israel is trying to enlist the support of African countries for its policies, at the expense of African countries’ support on the Palestinian issue,” he told reporters.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently took part in a summit of West African nations in Liberia’s capital of Monrovia, using the trip to try and garner African support for Israel at the U.N. and other international forums.

Watch: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses leaders of West African countries.

Shobaki said that a “joint decision” had been taken at the previous Arab League summit in Jordan last March, “to strengthen collaboration with the African Union. This was partially to prevent Israel’s efforts to strengthen ties with countries on the continent.”

Shobaki said further that Israel and a number of African countries were planning an African-Israeli conference in Togo at the end of October 2017.

“African countries need to know that warming relations between them and Israel will harm the Palestinians’ interests and reinforce Israel’s apartheid policy against the Palestinians,” Shobaki declared. He called on the African countries that have been invited to the conference to decline the invitation.


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A small example of the Israeli technology that Israel distributes to isolated rural villages throughout Africa: