Past Hezbollah member heads opposition movement within terror group

Hezbollah’s Shiite policies & its involvement in Syrian rebellion draws protests in Lebanon.

A new movement from within the group’s stronghold presents popular national alternative.

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, once the undisputed stars of the Arab world, are rattled by surprise opposition from within their own ranks.

Nasrallah supporter - Photo AP

Nasrallah supporter – Photo: AP

The Lebanon NOW news website reported Tuesday that a new political movement is gathering followers right in the Hezbollah stronghold of Beirut‘s southern suburb.

The Movement for the Lebanese Citizen (MLC), led by former Hezbollah operative Imad Kamiche, is attempting to present an alternative to the rigidly Shiite framework represented by Hezbollah and Amal, and place the Lebanese citizen at the forefront regardless of ethnicity.

In the Lebanon NOW story, Kamiche blamed Hezbollah for taking advantage of the ethnicity issue to cover up its failures, an attempt that he regretfully admitted to be successful.

Contrary to Hezbollah, the MLC’s approach, according to Kamiche, wishes to represent different voices in the Shiite community, stressing social and economic issues, not military, in order to improve the lives of all Lebanese.

Though no direct pressures have been exerted on him, Kamiche said that he has been given “advice” to steer clear of the political arena.

Hezbollah affiliated sources denied the allegations, and said that the fact that opposition elements are still residing in Beirut’s southern suburb is a testimony to the group’s tolerance.

They added that Hezbollah actually wishes to absorb the opposition and their criticism, even contacting them for that purpose.

But direct opposition is not the group’s only problem: The Arab media reported Hezbollah is currently under fire for sending operatives to fight in neighboring Syria.

The MLC's Facebook page

The MLC’s Facebook page

According to Alquds Alarabi, the family of a militant killed in Syria is furious after the group falsely told them he is in Beirut right before his body was returned in a coffin.

Anti-Hezbollah media outlets reported that in the family’s village in southern Lebanon the families of 20 other youngsters are worried for their sons and are discontented with Hezbollah’s unconvincing answers as to their whereabouts.


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