PLO: No ‘Deals’ With Israel, Unless All Demands are Fulfilled

The PLO hierarchy remains adamantly opposed to anything short of the effective elimination of Israel as its condition for a “peace” agreement.

By Dalit Halevy


John Kerry has been proposing ideas and programs aimed at encouraging Israel and the Palestinian Authority to enter into a final-status agreements, and Israeli politicians on the left and right debate whether Israel can trust PA chief Mahmoud Abbas – not to mention Hamas – in a “land for peace deal.”

But the PLO, the political body led by Abbas, remains adamantly opposed to anything less than the effective destruction of the State of Israel as its price for a “peace” agreement. At recent celebrations commemorating the 26th anniversary of the start of the second Intidfada, the PLO issued a statement in which it said that it would not compromise on any of its basic requirements to make a deal with Israel: A full Israeli withdrawal from all lands liberated in 1967, establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state, and a full return to their original homes the families that fled Israel when it was established in 1948.

Such a “refugee return” would inundate what is left of Israel with millions of Arabs who would essentially destroy the Jewish character of the state, turning it into a “secular, democratic” state that, like other such states in the Middle East (like Lebanon) would likely be eventually wracked by civil war and strife.

The PLO added that it would also object to any temporary deal, which would “legitimize the occupation,” and allow continued Jewish residence in Judea and Samaria.

In the statement, the PLO also praised the intifada, saying that it had unified Hamas and PLO terrorists in a common cause.

Hamas, too, said that it was against any temporary deals with Israel. On his Facebook page, Hamas top terrorist Musa Abu-Marzouk wrote that Hamas would never do anything that even implied that there was such a thing as a “State of Israel,” including making any agreement, permanent or temporary, with it.

“Hamas will never accept the results of the negotiations now going on and it will struggle against any security agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority,” he added.


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