Police in East Jerusalem raid confiscate Hamas cash paid to terrorists’ families


The Israel Police raided 7 terrorists’ homes in E. Jerusalem for funds & property Hamas divvied out in lieu of terrorist attacks, i.e. foreign currencies, cars and jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.

By Roi Yanovsky


Cash and valuables worth hundreds of thousands of shekels were confiscated from seven terrorists’ families on ; police explained that the families received the goods from Hamas. In addition, 14 suspects were arrested and brought in for questioning.

During the operation, police forces searched the terrorists’ homes, confiscating cash (both Israeli and foreign) at a total sum of about NIS 200,000, including checks, two vehicles, a truck and jewelry. All goods and cash were seized under administrative forfeiture orders.

Over a dozen set of keys to vehicals confiscated by the police. – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

Police stated that the operation was the fruitful culmination of undercover work and intelligence collection by both police and Shin Bet, which indicated that the terrorist families residing in east Jerusalem villages and neighborhoods were receiving funds from Hamas organization as support for having committed the terror attacks.

During the operation, forces raided seven terrorists’ houses in the villages of Jabel Mukaber, Ras al-Amud, At-Tur, and Shuafat refugee camp.

The police also raided Ghassan Abu-Jamal’s family home, the terrorist who carried out the attack on a Har Nof synagogue in 2014, as well as Ramadan and Fahmi Mashara’s family abodes, who are serving life sentences in prison for assisting in the 2002 terror attack in Gilo where 19 Israelis were murdered.

More confiscated cash & jewelry. – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

Other raids took place in the houses of a terrorist who participated in the Ras al-Amud disturbances and declared a martyr in 2015, a terrorist who served a lengthy sentence for involvement with hostile terrorist activity, and at the home of one of Nachshon Wachsman’s murderers.


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Israel and Stuff Postscript:


With incentives to receive a monthly payment, including funds to rebuild home, should Israeli courts accept prosecutor’s request to demolish terrorists’ home, the Palestinian leadership is basically overtly advertising for ‘Hitmen’ to kill and/or seriously wound Jews, and they are paid by the PLO with int’l funding originally provided to the Palestinian Authority.



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