Pro-Israel Arab Activist Tells Jews to ‘Wake Up’ and Go Vote

Pro-Zionist Arab activist Anett Haskia drove through Arab cities confirming large turnout to warn Jewish voters to go vote, asking: Are you really the ‘Chosen People’?

By Gil Ronen


Anett Haskia, a Zionist Muslim Arab who ran in the Jewish Home primaries, has issued a dire warning to her nationalist Facebook friends to go out and vote, or face disaster.

Anett Haskia – Photo: Facebook

Haskia wrote: “A feeling of loss!! I am on the verge of a heart attack! I have been driving around the Arab villages and cities to confirm the rumor and indeed, I have never seen anything like this in my life, most of them are outside on the ground, in the hope that the list will represent them, in their favor.

“The ground is burning around you and you are arguing about Left and Right on Facebook… Go, get the heck out, bring people, plow every hole-in-the-ground. They are bringing the votes of Israeli Arabs from Jordan and Europe and you are sleeping upright. The Chosen People, ha!

“After the loss, do not say ‘Arabs’ – the blame is on you and you alone. Awake!! Awake!! Awake!!”


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