Protesters chain themselves to Energy Ministry entrance for its Gas export

2 activists protesting against Israel’s export of gas were detained by police. One activist was detained in Beersheba.

By Noam (Dabul) Dvir


Jerusalem Police detained for questioning two activists protesting against the export of gas Thursday evening, after they chained themselves to the Energy and Water Resources Ministry doors.

כבולים בשלשלאות במשרד האנרגיה, היום (צילום: חנה קופרמן )

Chained to Energy Ministry, Thursday – Photo: Hana Cooperman

One of the two, Udi Chen, who was chained to a gate for most of the day, told Ynet: “As long as the gas in Israel is not sufficient for our domestic needs, it is irresponsible to export it to other countries.”

Chen, 33, said that he arrived at the Energy Ministry at 8 am. “We went up to the seventh floor and tied ourselves up in chains to the entrance. We blocked access to the offices, and after a few minutes security officers came and asked us to leave. They said they would call the police.”

Chen said he told the policemen that the decision to allow the export of gas should not be passed by the government on Sunday. “The policemen left and consulted with the ministry’s people, and gave the employees an instruction to ignore our presence. At 5 pm, when they wanted to shut the place down, police came back and detained us for questioning. We were treated well and they let us go.”

המחאה בזמן ביקורו של סילבן שלום בבאר-שבע (צילום: חנה קופרמן )

Beersheba protest during Minister Shalom’s speech – Photo: Hana Cooperman

Another activist was detained for questioning after a demonstration in Beersheba. During Minister Silvan Shalom‘s speech to university students in the city, some 20 activists protested and demanded answers in regards to the export of gas.

“It’s outrageous that there’s no public discourse on this matter,” said one of the protesters.

The activists claimed that they were treated with violence during the evacuation attempts. One of the activists was detained for questioning for an alleged attack.

Minister Shalom toured the Negev and during his visit said he would advise the government to keep the proper balance on the matter of export of gas and keep more gas for the Israeli industry.

Ana Bar Or, one of the protesters, said: “The demonstration took place since despite the public protest and despite the fact Silvan speaks of lowering the export percentage, he still intends on passing the decision with the government this coming Sunday. This is a process that is inadequate in terms of its transparency. This needs to be stopped.”




Ilana Curiel contribted to this report


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