Rabbis Call Day of Prayer & Fasting Over Ongoing ‘Operation Protective Edge’

Rabbi urged yeshiva students to cancel summer vacations, declaring ‘Mini Yom Kippur’ as Israel faces increasing security threats.

By Israel Today Staff


A group of leading Israeli rabbis declared Monday a day of prayer and fasting, a “mini Yom Kippur,” in their words, over the degenerating security situation in the country.

Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman

The initiative was spearheaded by Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, the top non-hassidic orthodox rabbi in the country, who called for 24 hours of reciting of Psalms and fervent prayers amidst ongoing missile attacks from Gaza.

Last month, Rabbi Shteinman called on yeshiva students around Israel to cancel summer vacations, day trips and any other kind of recreational activity so long as the nation was at war.

Shteinman and a number of other senior rabbis said it would be a “desecration of God’s name” to engage in recreational activities while so many Israelis are under attack or fighting in defense of the nation.

Yeshiva students were instead urged to continue their studies and increase their times of prayer.

Israeli officials, both religious and “secular,” have long maintained that the study of God’s Word and fervent prayers to the Almighty provide just as much protection as a strong military and advanced weapons.


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  1. Michael S. says:

    It worked for Nineveh, in Jonah’s day. Maybe it will work now as well.

    Israel’s failure to conquer tiny Gaza, after weeks of hard fighting, is akin only to its failure to capture tiny Ai just after its miraculous victory at Jericho. The problem at that time was that someone in the camp had hidden and cherished a Babylonian garment connected with idolatry. How many idols are being cherished in Israel today? MILLIONS! But as I said, Israel today is more akin to Pagan Nineveh than to the ancient Israelites of Joshua’s time: They don’t know their right hand from their left.

    Even with Israel’s repentance, it was a hard slog to conquer Ai: They had to like in ambush and use trickery.

    My desire for Israel is for good; but you must realize that being God’s Chosen comes with some obligations. He will not allow His name to be dragged through the mud, even by His own people.

    • Clea Belcher says:

      I agree. I do not yet understand the Orthodox community. They are somewhat like the Orthodox Christian community in their failure to cut through ceremony to reality. On the other hand, the number of idols in Israel is staggering. And there are those who think they have no accountability whatsoever to observe the commandments of the Almighty. But that also is a universal human problem.

  2. Clea Belcher says:

    May Israel continue to fast the fast that the Almighty has chosen.

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