Radical Jews join anti-Israel Jordan rally

Neturei Karta join Arab masses, say Judaism demands liberation of Jerusalem, whole of Palestine

Arab countries mark Land Day – Jordanian news sites have reported Friday afternoon that some 20,000 people are participating in a mass procession in Jordan. The protesters gathered at Jesus’s baptism site, and are planning to march towards the border with Israel. Increased security presence was reported in the area.

According to reports, participants were yelling “where is the Arab League on Jerusalem?” and waving Jordanian and Palestinian flags alongside signs with anti-Israeli slogans.

Four rabbis from the extremist anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect were also taking part in the march and carried signs reading: “Judaism demands the liberation of Jerusalem and all of Palestine.”

One of the movement leaders told Amman media outlets that they came to support the Palestinians and demonstrate that Judaism is different than Zionism. “We are against Zionism and in favor of the rights of Palestinians,” he said.

Several rally participants expressed anger over the presence of Neturei Karta members, and a verbal altercation erupted between the two groups.

Meanwhile, Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported that hundreds of buses transported Lebanese and foreign protesters from Palestinian refugee camps to Beaufort Post.

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By Roi Kais