Report: Iran Supplying Weapons to Gaza, but Not to Hamas

Iran is still supplying weapons to Gaza, but they are intended for groups other than Hamas, according to the Israel Defense website.

The affair between the Hamas terror group and Iran may be over, but the Islamic Republic is still supplying weapons to Gaza, according to Amir Rapaport of the Israel Defense website.

In a report Friday, Rapaport noted that the root of the conflict between the terror group and Iran lies with Syria.

“Iran and Hamas reached a point of conflict following Hamas’ unwillingness to support Bashar al-Assad’s actions against his own people,” wrote Rapaport, also noting how Hamas has even begun to fold in on itself in Syria.

“The conflict between the parties revealed that the coordination that lasted several years between the two was not based on true love, but rather, a scorching hatred for Israel,” wrote Rapaport. “As a matter of fact, the people belonging to Hamas and Iran hate one another, primarily due to profound religious differences (the Iranian regime belongs to the Shiite faction of Islam, whereas Hamas is a devout Sunni movement).”

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By Elad Benari, Canada