Report: ‘Land Day’ march to reach Beaufort Castle

Sources claim Lebanese branch of ‘Universal Jerusalem March’ planned for Friday will refrain from Israeli border to avoid clashes with Israeli authorities

The Lebanese branch of the “Universal Jerusalem March,” also known as “Land Day,” planned for Friday will only reach Beaufort fortress in southern Lebanon instead of heading to the Israeli-Lebanese border as previously reported, Sources close to the march told “The Daily Star” on Saturday.

According to the sources, the route was changed to avoid any clashes with Israeli authorities along the border. The organizers said they estimate some 30,000 protesters will participate in the march on Friday.

Lebanon’s media reported 10 people were killed and nearly 100 were injured during riots near the Lebanese village of Maroun al-Ras on “Nakba Day” in May 2011.

However another source informed “The Daily Star” that the Lebanese branch of the “Universal Jerusalem March” have submitted three alternative routes for the protest to the Lebanese Army for approval, including the Beaufort fortress and the southern towns of Bint Jbeil and Naqoura.

“Given what took place last year, we needed to choose a place that was not so close (to the border) so we don’t repeat last year’s experience,” the source said.


Refrain from border

Following the deadly clashes last year during the Nakba marches to its northern border, Palestinians to refrain from approaching the border.

London based newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Friday that the warning was issued in reference to the “Universal Jerusalem March” planned for next Friday to commemorate.”

According to sources, Israel reiterated it would treat anyone who approaches the border as an infiltrator, and will act against them decisively. The report said Israel claims the march is organized by hostile elements. In a message to Lebanon, Hamas government in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, Israel called on Arabs not to allow escalation in the area by allowing marches to the borders.

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By: Ynet