REPORT: NY Post calls-out liberal Democrats for promoting anti-Israel rhetoric


New York Post editorial declares 2016 “as the year the Democratic Party turned decisively anti-Israel,…while Bernie Sanders is using his movement to push for Israel-bashing language in the platform.”

By Yoni Hersch and Israel Hayom Staff


The New York Post editorial board blasted Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday for his promotion of “Israel-bashing language” in the Democratic Party’s platform.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – Photo: AFP

In an editorial titled “The Year the Democrats Turned Against Israel,” the New York Post editorial board criticized Sanders for using three of his five picks for the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform committee to name outspoken critics of Israel.

“Mark this as the year the Democratic Party turned decisively anti-Israel,” the editorial began. “The party’s ever-more-dominant liberal base has turned increasingly against the Jewish state — while Bernie Sanders is using his movement to push for Israel-bashing language in the platform. And Israel’s remaining Democratic friends are afraid to speak up.”

The editorial cited a recent Pew Research poll that found 40 percent of self-proclaimed liberal Democrats consider themselves pro-Palestinian compared to just 33 percent who see themselves as pro-Israel.

“The trend’s been building for years,” the editorial said.

“The initial 2012 Democratic platform, recall, dropped long-standing language declaring Jerusalem Israel’s capital.

“When embarrassed party officials tried to reinstate that clause on the convention floor, they were met with raucous boos from the delegates. They gaveled the measure through as passed — even though it clearly hadn’t.”

The editorial then questioned whether the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, would stand up against the anti-Israel trend in her party.

“Maybe not,” the editorial said. “She wants to avoid any public convention fights. Indeed, her own committee pick, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois), says he sees room in the platform for more avowedly pro-Palestinian language on ‘their hope for justice.’


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  1. moreyn kamenir says:

    Jewish Americans are no longer welcome in America. We have NO candidate with political experience/international experience that considers us equal. I suppose America wishes we too would go to Israel as the EU does. They have made it clear we are no longer welcome here.

  2. Rhoda Waisel says:

    I agree with Dave Marks above. Bernie would like to be out of his Jewish skin -but fortunately for him he cannot do that and he must have forgotten that the nazis did that. Bernie – you are Jewish – like it or not. And you cannot pretend you are not. Never again.

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