Rockets Fired into Southern Israel From Gaza

Once Again Palestinian terrorists fire rockets into Israeli cities.

Residents alarmed as “Color Red” warning system fails to activate

By Chana Ya’ar


Two rockets slammed into Israel’s southern region Wednesday morning, surprising residents who had no warning of the attack.

Once AgainThe Color Red incoming rocket alert siren somehow malfunctioning and did not activate, according to local sources in the area.

Miraculously, both short-range missiles reportedly exploded in open areas and did not damage property – nor was anyone physically injured.

A number of residents in the area were traumatized in the attack, however.

Local officials and psychotherapists are activating to take the routine steps to address the anxiety and stress resulting from the attack.

More details to follow as they become available.


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“Harmless” rockets? Pictures of Israeli homes hit by harmless Palestinian rockets.

(Pictures from Sderot Hasbara – Sderot Media Center)