Samuel L. Jackson takes flak after Tweeting selfie at NYC Celebrate Israel Parade

The actor may have just passed by – but either way, his Tweet, “Celebrate Israel Parade in NY today” didn’t go unnoticed.


Samuel L. Jackson sent some of his fans into a tizzy on Sunday when he tweeted a selfie on the background of the 50th annual Celebrate Israel parade in New York City on Sunday.


Samuel L. Jackson’s Twitter Page

We don’t know if the actor was actively partaking in the festivities or merely passing by in a trigger-happy selfie mood – but either way, his pictorial contribution to the festivities did not go unnoticed by many of his followers, and some didn’t seem too pleased with his choice to rejoice.

Here is a small sampling of the various conversations that popped up on his page quicker than you can say Ezekiel 25:17. All of it, that is.





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