Seeing spies everywhere: Beirut furious with alleged Israeli spying


In the Lebanese capital, parliamentary committee convenes to discuss internal reports from security sources, claiming Israeli spy stations cover then entire country.

By Roi Kais

In an attempt to minimize the fallout from activities attributed to Israel, a committee working on behalf of the Lebanese parliament will convene next week to handle the matter of alleged acts of spying by Israel.

Telecommunications Towers – Photo: Dreamstime

According to a report in the Thursday edition of the Lebanese paper As-Safir, the committee spent the last few days touring southern Lebanon to expose Israeli spying technologies from afar. They were equipped with instruments manufactured in Japan that could flood Israeli equipment with light from a distance of approximately 980 feet.



The chairman of the Lebanese parliament, Nabih Berri, raised the issue at a meeting of parliament members when he said that Israel is deploying and constructing spy stations along the border from En Nakura, on the Mediterranean Sea, to the Sheeba Farms in the east. According to Berri, the stations are equipped with the latest technologies, in a manner that covers the entire area of Lebanon.

Awaiting the committee

According to As-Safir, the Lebanese government asked for the creation of the committee in August, appointing the future committee with the mission to investigate Israeli actions and prepare a detailed report on the matter. The committee is composed of representatives from the local communication office and the Lebanese army. Up to now, the committee performed dozens of patrols in southern Lebanon and discovered Israeli radar stations and listening devices.

The report in the Lebanese paper also claimed that the committee investigated a particular Israeli post over a long period of time . According to these claims, the post constitutes the largest Israeli spying center, after another outpost that Israel rebuilt following the Second Lebanon War.

Spy dens

In its first published reports, the committee noted that Lebanon is exposed to every type of spying. Apparently, this is technically possible because the many Israeli posts along the border allow the Jewish State to collect all types of data from Lebanon’s wireless networks. The reports claim that the technology allows Israelis to photograph large areas of southern Lebanon, and to automatically analyze photos that contain suspicious movements. These activities, according to the reports, include the use of robots as an alternative to soldiers on the ground.

Spy stations equipped with advanced technology

Spy stations equipped with advanced technology

The Lebanese minister of telecommunications, Nicolas Sehnaoui, said: “It has become clear that the stations Israel built close to the border allow it to receive everything that passes through the air, from waves and vibrations, to tapping of telephone cables that are above ground.”

The chairman of the Lebanese parliament’s committee on media and telecommunications, Hassan Fadlallah, who is also a member of Hezbollah, told As-Safir that he would convene an emergency meeting of the committee on Monday. In his words, “What the Israeli enemy is doing on the border – no self-respecting country would agree to.”



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