State of Israel receives Technology Pioneer Award for David’s Sling Weapons System

Israel’s David’s Sling anti-missile defense system receives int’l award for technological innovation that serves Israel’s current 3-tier defense systems, filling the gap between the long-range Arrow defense system and the shorter-range Iron Dome interceptor.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s latest creation in defense technology, the David’s Sling Weapons System, received an award for technological innovation on Tuesday, a press release from the Israeli ministry of defense announced Wednesday.

Israel’s missile defense system David’s Sling wins 2017 Technology Pioneer Award – Photo: Defense Ministry

The Technology Pioneer Award was granted and accepted by the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) director Moshe Patel on behalf of the State of Israel at the 2017 Multinational Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Conference in Boston.

“The marvelous capabilities of the David Sling Defense System are a significant breakthrough in the world of interception technology,” said Patel in a speech. “The unique characteristics of the system interceptors are astounding in every test that is done. The DSWS is an important component of Israel’s operational capability to defend the country against regional missile threats.”

He also thanked the United States for their partnership in its development, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu previously hailed as an important milestone in its defense partnership with the US.

Developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and US company Raytheon, the medium-range interceptor serves as a third tier to Israel’s current defense systems, filling the gaps between the longer-range Arrow missile defense system and its shorter-range counterpart, the Iron Dome interceptor.

The different tiers of Israel’s missile defense array are intended to protect against a wide variety of threats, from rudimentary rockets and mortars to advanced ballistic missiles, aimed at Israel by various states and organizations: From Iran and Syria to Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic State.

“David’s Sling is one of the world’s most advanced missile defense system, and, alongside Iron Dome and the Arrow systems, it’s an additional layer of defense to the State of Israel,” said Pini Yungman, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Air Superiority Systems Division also at the event, according to the Defense Ministry.

The defense system, also referred to as “the Magic Wand,” was officially declared operational in early April.

At its unveiling, Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech hailing the new interceptor and Israel’s powerful defense systems stating: “Those who want to beat us will be defeated.”


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