Streak of racy IDF female soldier photos shows no signs of subsiding


Despite the IDF’s best efforts, photos of scantily clad IDF female soldiers continue to circulate throughout the Internet 

The newest batch of photos, posted on the photo-sharing site Imgur, are highly explicit & even pornographic.

Lilach Shoval

Despite the best efforts of the Israel Defense Forces, dozens of photos of scantily clad female soldiers continue to circulate on the Internet.


The phenomenon, which started with photos of partially dressed female soldiers from an infantry training base in the south posing with their weapons, has continued for weeks. The original photos caused a stir and were published by media outlets throughout the world.

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The latest photos, posted on the popular photo-sharing site Imgur, are highly explicit and even pornographic. They feature fully naked women with the names and insignia of their IDF units scrawled on and near their private parts.

The photo album uploaded to Imgur consisted of photos shared on the popular WhatsApp messaging service. The album was entitled “Niggaz” and had over 17,000 views by press time.

The IDF is very concerned about the phenomenon. As first reported by Israel Hayom, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz has said that from now on, all Israeli soldiers will undergo briefings upon enlistment. These briefings will clarify to all new soldiers that from the moment they are drafted and put on the uniform, they are no longer private citizens but representatives of the IDF and its values.

The IDF will offer additional briefings every few months as part of soldiers’ regular training sessions. The IDF’s chief education officer recently issued a letter to commanders ordering them to discuss the matter with soldiers and punish them when necessary.

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