Survey: More Brits Prefer Iran over Israel

The latest survey finds Brits feel most disapproving towards the Jewish State, with exception only to North Korea, than any other non-European country in the world.

 By Cynthia Blank


Britons dislike Israel more than they do any other non-European country in the world, with the exception of North Korea, a new study found.

Anti-Israel demonstrators stand on iconic bronze lions at London’s Trafalgar Square – Photo: Reuters

The Chatham House-YouGov survey, which documents British attitudes toward the United Kingdom’s international relations polices, was published last week.

In a section titled “General public attitudes towards other countries” respondents were asked to name the countries they “feel especially favorable towards” and “especially unfavorable towards.”

The section is also divided into European countries and non-European countries.

35 percent answered Israel in the “unfavorable” non-European countries category, second only to North Korea with 47 percent. Even Iran scored lower than the Jewish State with 33 percent.

Israel’s score, a significant rise of 18 points since the survey was last published in 2012, may be a result of timing as respondents were polled in August during the height of Operation Protective Edge.

According to the accompanying analytical paper published by Chatham House, Israel’s increase is “presumably in response to the controversial military campaign in Gaza and the civilian casualties it caused, which were prominent in the news at the time the survey was conducted.”

Interestingly, Iran’s rating though has jumped down 12 points from 2012.

Rounding out the bottom five are Pakistan at 28 percent and Nigeria at 21 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum, Britons feels most positive toward fellow commonwealth nations Australia and Canada, at 47 and 44 percent, respectively.

The results of the survey could serve as a nail in the coffin for British Jewry already depressed and dubious as to their future in the country.

A poll released last month found that almost half of British Jewish people fear they have no long-term future in Britain or Europe, and a quarter of those surveyed said they had considered leaving Britain in the past two years.


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