Syria Fires Rockets at Israel


Although 2 Syria rockets land on Israel’s Mt. Hermon, Israeli military suggest incident was a result of stray fire from Syria.

IDF stationed in Israel’s north are on high alert following alleged IAF airstrike on Hezbollah’s missile transfers into Lebanon.


Two rockets were found on Mt. Hermon in northern Israel on Saturday morning, hours after explosions were reported in the region during the night.

Israeli soldiers standing on a tank near the northern border with Syria on June 6, 2011, as troops in the Golan Heights remained on high alert after Naksa Day.- Photo: AFP

The IDF estimates the rockets were not launched deliberately at Israel, but were the result of stray fire by one of the warring factions in Syria’s civil war.

A Northern Command officer who spoke to reporters last week said that most recent incidents on the Israeli-Syrian border were a result of stray fire, but added that the IDF is aware of at least three separate incidents where Syrian soldiers targeted Israeli targets. These included an IED device that damaged an army jeep and shootings in the Hermon region.

The last few days have seen rising tensions in Israel’s north, particularly after the alleged Israeli strike on a Hezbollah target in Lebanon. Hezbollah has vowed to retaliate, leading to heightened alert in the region. Farmers have been instructed to stay away from the border for fear of snipers, and IDF firing squads were asked to remain vigilant.


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