Syria mortars pound Golan Heights again


Two shells fired from the Syrian side of the border land at the foot of Tel Fares. No reported injuries.

Maor Buchnik

Two mortar shells fired from Syrian territory at around noon Monday landed in an open area in the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights, near Tel Fares. There were no reports of injury, and it remains unclear if any damage was caused. IDF forces were sweeping the area.

View from Tel Fares, Golan heights, Israel - Photo courtesy:  Panoramio

View from Tel Fares, Golan heights, Israel – Photo courtesy: Panoramio

Less than two weeks ago two IDF soldiers sustained mild injuries when two shells fired from Syria landed in Israeli territory. One of the soldiers suffered from shock, while the other was hit by shrapnel. The army said the errant shells were launched during fighting between Syrian rebels and President Bashar Assad’s forces close to the Israel-Syria border.



Some three weeks ago, gunfire emanating from Syria targeted workers erecting the new security fence along the border. A week earlier gunfire from Syria targeted an IDF patrol. Both incidents ended without injury.

However, despite the army’s claim that the shells were not fired toward Israel intentionally, a few hours after the incident an IDF “TAMMUZ” missile destroyed the Syrian cannon that fired the shells.


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