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With Oslo essentially dead, Israel legalizes and populates Amichai

The new settlement Amichai, the first in the 25 years after the Oslo Accords, is being built for families evacuated from the illegal outpost Amona, and the nearby outposts that will be annexed to it.

By Oded Shalom


The Shiloh Valley in the Samaria region spreads from Shvut Rahel to the Jordan Rift Valley. The entire area is covered with Cabernet grape vineyards and olive groves. On the hills above them are the outposts Ahiya, Kida, Esh Kodesh, and Adei Ad—all of which were illegally built, with demolition orders issued to all homes and structures.

Amona residents evacuate their homes, their settlement and will eventually be relocated to Amichai.

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