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WATCH Israel’s Prime Minister Addresses the US: REMEMBER! – Iran is not your friend, it seeks your destruction!

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Sunday, saying in an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation”, ‘Iran cannot be allowed to become a nuclear threshold state.’
• PM: Israel supports the U.S. in the fight against the Islamic State group.

By Shlomo Cesana, Eli Leon & Israel Hayom Staff


With the Nov. 24 deadline for a nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran fast approaching, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Sunday that any deal allowing Iran to maintain enrichment capabilities, essentially making it a threshold nuclear state, would be bad for the world.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – Photo: AP

In an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Netanyahu delivered perhaps his sternest note of caution to date to the U.S.

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