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Pentagon: Israel Should Keep ‘West Bank’ to Maintain Secure Borders


Because of a Pentagon analysis past American administrations used to support Israel’s control of Judea-Samaria, out of security concerns, but Arab intransigent has eroded this administration’s resolve.

By Israel Today Staff



A historical document dragged back out into the light by Israel National News reveals that, unlike today, in the wake of the 1967 Six Day War, the American government was of the opinion that Israel should retain control of the “West Bank.”

American Generals: Israel Should Keep 'West Bank'

American Generals: Israel Should Keep ‘West Bank’ – Photo source: Israel Today

Following the war, then US Secretary of State Robert McNamara asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon for their expert opinion on how Washington should approach the issue of Israel’s land gains. Continue Reading »

IDF withdraws soldiers from guarding communities on Gaza, Lebanon & Syrian borders


IDF command determined that its enhanced border security measures make IDF soldiers’ presence in guarding civilian communities near country’s border redundant.



The IDF has pulled soldiers out of front line communities near the northern and southern borders, a senior army source said Tuesday, after senior commanders concluded that the arrangement was no longer necessary for security.

IDF soldiers from Cherev unit protecting Kibbutz on Lebanese border - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF soldiers from Cherev unit protecting Kibbutz on Lebanese border – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

In the past, the IDF’s Southern Command placed soldiers at the entrance to nine towns and villages near the Gaza and Egypt borders, while the Northern Command secured 13 frontier communities in this way. Continue Reading »

The Disintegration of Mid-East Borders

The only boundary in the Mid-East that Western diplomats have become rigidly obsessed with, despite the far more profound changes that are occurring across the region, is not even formally an int’l border under int’l law, but only an armistice line from 1949 — what is inappropriately called the 1967 border. While a solution to this territorial dispute must be addressed, the final borders drawn between Israel and it’s neighbors will have to take into account the current dramatic strategic shifts.

By Dore Gold


A common theme running through much of the leading commentary on the Syrian crisis is the idea that the principal borders of the modern Middle East, created by the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, are about to be fundamentally altered if not erased completely. Continue Reading »