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UK ‘Foreign Office camel corps pandering to Arab dictators’ cancels Prince Charles visit to Israel


Afraid to ruffle Arab feathers, the British Foreign Office scrubs the very first official Royal state visit to Israel since it’s 1948 independence.

By David Willetts & Jack Royston


PRINCE Charles is at the centre of a diplomatic row after plans for him to visit Israel were dropped by the Foreign Office.

The heir to the throne was set to become the first Royal to carry out an official state visit to Israel since it was created in 1948.

Prince Charles was set to travel to Israel to honour thousands of British war dead at the centenary of the WW1 Palestine Campaign and the historic Balfour Declaration. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli archaeologists find hundreds of liquor bottles from WWI


The hoard of century old liquor bottles that were found near a building which was converted into barracks for British soldiers during WWI, is demonstrative of the amount of alcohol the soldiers consumed during their service.

By Emily Rose


Israeli archaeologists discovered hundreds of liquor bottles that belonged to British soldiers during WWI in an excavation near the central city of Ramla, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced on Wednesday.

The assemblage of bottles that was revealed in the excavation – Photo: Clara Amit, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority

The 100 year-old bottles were found near a building, which was used for agricultural purposes during the Ottoman period and converted into barracks by British soldiers during the war. Continue Reading »