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Surgeons in Israel Perform Pioneering Treatment for Liver Cancer

Hadassah surgeon Dr. Mohamed Faroja reports on the use of electrical current to remove malignant tumors after operation on a liver cancer patient: “The method does not generate excessive heat or cold in the body, and can therefore be applied close to blood vessels and vital organs without harming them.”

By Meital Yasur Beit-Or


A new method for operating on liver cancer patients was put to the test for the first time in Israel recently at Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. The method applies a direct flow of high-voltage electrical currents to the malignant tumor and has raised new hope for patients diagnosed with the disease.

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Israeli Vaccine: Stop Cancer from Coming Back

Dr. Carmon, “A key advantage of Vaxil’s vaccines is that they can induce a comprehensive & divest immune response without need for an adaptation to the individual’s type of immune systems.”

An Exclusive Report by United with Israel

(Nes Ziona, ISRAEL) An Israeli company is developing a new cancer drug which aims to stop cancer from coming back.

Every year millions of people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Although modern medicine has made huge progress in treating this disease, what often happens is that the cancer is treated and the patient goes into remission or is even “cured” – but then it becomes a waiting game to see if the cancer comes back. Continue Reading »

An Israeli Camp for Sick Arab Kids – Is Not News

Israel’s Civil Administration’s summer camp for Palestinian Authority children with cancer, fails to interest the media.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF Civil Administration hosted a three-day summer camp in early July for 24 cancer-stricken children from the Palestinian Authority (PA) entities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The event went unnoticed by news outlets inside and outside Israel that are usually eager to pounce on news casting Israel in a bad light and showing its alleged cruelty toward the PA Arabs.

The camp was financed by the Civil Administration, reported the website of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). Continue Reading »

Time to rethink chemotherapy?

New cell research from Israel suggests the need for a radically different approach to chemotherapy.



For cancer patients undergoing treatment, the ups and downs can feel like living through one of those B-level movies where the zombies just never seem to die: Victories of remission can quickly end in disappointment as the cancer returns once more.


Leukemia cells dividing. Photo courtesy of Public Library of Science

Leukemia cells dividing - Photo courtesy of Public Library of Science

Why this happens has long puzzled scientists around the globe, but a new multi-center team in Israel whittles the problem down to the roots of where cancer begins. Continue Reading »

New lab test to ID early lung cancer


Israel’s BioView is pairing its imaging technology with fluorescent DNA markers to help doctors find this deadly cancer before it’s too late.


A new non-invasive test to aid in early detection of lung cancer may soon be available, thanks to an agreement between Israel’s BioView and a leading California laboratory.


If a certain percentage of the cells show abnormal fluorescent patterns, that indicates lung cancer.

bioview-device: If a certain percentage of the cells show abnormal fluorescent patterns, that indicates lung cancer.


The test involves analyzing a patient’s sputum (phlegm) using BioView’s scanning-microscope imaging equipment and fluorescent DNA markers called FISH probes. BioView licensed these markers from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Continue Reading »

IceCure removes breast cancer tumors without surgery


Israeli biomedical company destroys benign breast tumors with ice.

IceCure CEO Hezi HimmelfarbIceCure CEO Hezi Himmelfarb

The Israeli biomedical company, IceCure, has announced that it successfully removed benign breast cancer tumors from patients taking part in a clinical trial in Japan.

“The clinical trial destroyed small cancerous tumors by cryoablation, without the need for a surgical procedure. We believe that cryoablation, using the IceSense3, is an innovative approach best suited for treating small cancerous tumors in the breast,” said IceCure CEO Hezi Himmelfarb.

IceSense3 is an ultrasound-guided procedure that penetrates the tumor and then destroys it cryogenically – engulfing it with ice. Continue Reading »

Israeli Scientists Build Better Chemotherapy System

Israeli scientists have figured out a more efficient, “healthier” way to target cancer cells with chemotherapy.


Israeli scientists have figured out a more efficient, “healthier” way to target cancer cells with chemotherapy.

Professor Daniel Wreschner at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Cell Research and Immunology is developing antibodies that bind solely to the cancer cells.

The proteins produced by the immune system to fight infection target the cancer cells by binding to a protein  called MUC1. The antibodies can be used as an efficient means of delivering medication by depositing a parcel of toxins directly into the center of the diseased cells, Wreschner found. Continue Reading »

Israeli researchers score success in lung cancer treatment

The researchers find that introduction of BKT140 leads to the death of cancerous lung tumor cells and a reduction in the size of the growths.

Israeli researchers have identified a material that could help remedy lung cancer. In tests conducted by researchers at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem on cell samples and laboratory mice, the material shrank tumors by about 50 percent, and when it was used in conjunction with radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the pace of cancerous cell growth was reduced by about 90 percent.

Researchers Ori Wald , left, and Oz Shapira in their lab on Wednesday.

Researchers Amnon Peled, left, and Oz Shapira in their lab – Photo by Shiran Granot

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New weapon against pancreatic and prostate cancer

An Israeli pharma company is testing an advanced compound that blocks a tumor’s blood supply. Used with standard chemo, it obliterates the growth.

Last year, about 44,000 Americans were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a notoriously resistant cancer to treat and the fourth most common cause of cancer-related death for men and women.

The prognosis for these patients could improve drastically if a compound developed by Israel’s Tiltan Pharma continues to succeed in clinical trials.

The compound, dubbed TL-118, comes from the labs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It’s now undergoing its second phase of tests after proving effective against pancreatic tumors first in mice and then in more than 100 humans.

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BGU develops new way of testing for cancer

Health Scan: “Fingering” Obesity – why babies should learn to feed themselves; protective Parkinson gene.


A simple blood test is being developed by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba that may provide early detection of many types of cancer.
cancer cell - Photo By Thinkstock/Imagebank

cancer cell - Photo By Thinkstock/Imagebank

Prof. Joseph Kapelushnik of BGU’s Faculty of Health Sciences and colleagues developed a device that uses infrared light to illuminate cancer cells in less than a teaspoon of blood. The experimental test detects minuscule changes in the blood of a person who has a cancerous growth somewhere, even before the disease has spread.

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Teenage girl donates tresses for cancer wig

13-year-old says donating hair a great way to ease suffering of women with cancer

LIRON POLLACK donates hair

LIRON POLLACK donates hair By Courtesy, Kaplan Medical Center

Thirteen-year-old Liron Pollack decided this week that getting her long hair cut short would not only complete a “perfect Purim costume” as a funky teenager with a spiky hairdo, but also ease the suffering of women with cancer.The girl from the Pelech modern Orthodox girls’ school in Kiryat Ekron, who is involved in the Bnei Akiva youth movement, went to Kaplan Medical Center to donate her tresses. For the past two years, the Rehovot hospital has had hairdresser Eli Ben Zikri (a former cancer patient) and Yigal Gott give free haircuts to women and girls (and even long-haired boys) who wanted to donate so that wigs could be made.
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