Israeli researchers score success in lung cancer treatment

The researchers find that introduction of BKT140 leads to the death of cancerous lung tumor cells and a reduction in the size of the growths.

Israeli researchers have identified a material that could help remedy lung cancer. In tests conducted by researchers at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Kerem on cell samples and laboratory mice, the material shrank tumors by about 50 percent, and when it was used in conjunction with radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the pace of cancerous cell growth was reduced by about 90 percent.

Researchers Ori Wald , left, and Oz Shapira in their lab on Wednesday.

Researchers Amnon Peled, left, and Oz Shapira in their lab – Photo by Shiran Granot

The study was conducted by Dr. Ori Wald, a physician-researcher at Hadassah’s Cardiothoracic Surgery Department; with department head Prof. Oz Shapira; Dr. Uzi Izhar, director of the thoracic surgery unit; and Prof. Amnon Peled of the hospital’s gene therapy unit.

The researchers examined the impact of two components, a receptor called CXCR4 and a protein that cleaves to it called CXCL12, which has been identified in many studies as present in cancer patients.


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By Dan Even

Dan Even