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REPORT: “Systemic anti-Semitism” proliferates at Columbia University

Documenting over 100 incidents, the 33-page ACF dossier reveals Columbia University and its sister school, Barnard College, as “a hotbed for hate,” documenting “systemic anti-Semitism & engrained delegitimization of Israel” openly predisposed by their faculty, staff, students and anti-Israel groups.

By  Shiryn Ghermezian, JNS, & Israel Hayom Staff


The American NGO Alums for Campus Fairness released a comprehensive report last week that documents what ACF describes as “systemic anti-Semitism and an ingrained delegitimization of Israel” at Columbia University and its sister school, Barnard College.

The 33-page dossier documents more than 100 incidents that have made Columbia and Barnard “a hotbed for hate” since the 2016-17 academic year. Continue Reading »

Columbia University bans ‘pro-Israel’ display during nationwide BDS week

Some hint of racial bias at Columbia University student government for banning the pro-Israel display, as chair of the student gov’t and keffiyeh sporting vice-chair, are both members of Students for Justice in Palestine.

By David Rosenberg


It’s “Israel Apartheid Week” at college campuses around the world as BDS activists organize displays, activities, and teach-ins to delegitimize Israel. At Columbia University, Apartheid Week organizers even managed to have the opposition banned.

BDS displays – Photo: Lance Laytner

The opposition in this case are pro-Israel students looking to give their peers on campus the other side of the story.

On Tuesday the Columbia student government ordered a display erected by Artists 4 Israel to be removed, claiming it was “offensive” to some students. Continue Reading »