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Iraqi MP: ‘Israel & Iraq share interests. Time to establish diplomatic ties with Israel’

The Iraqi leader of the Ummah Party further criticized the Arab World for not admitting ISIS is an Arab/Islamic creation, berating his colleagues for blaming its creation on Israel & the West.



In an interview with Kuwait’s daily newspaper al-Rai from earlier this month, Iraqi MP and leader of the Ummah Party, Mithal al-Alusi, called on Iraq to establish ties with Israel and expressed hope to see an Iraqi embassy in Israel at some point in the near future.

Iraqi MP Mithal al-Alusi – Photo: REUTERS

The outspoken al-Alusi, who has previously visited Israel a number of times, referred to diplomatic relations with Israel as “our [Iraqi] interest,” and added that he does not want Baghdad’s interests to be solely to “Abu Mazen,” the name by which Mahmoud Abbas is commonly referred to in the Arab World.

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